Thursday, September 3, 2015

A couple more Discordian zines

Sorry, this blog is just about dead and buried, I just have not had the time to get around to it in ages. And please ignore all the Amazon VOIDS, I should have known better than to link to them - I'll use Powell's next time.

I have just scanned a couple more of my old Orthodox Discordian zines, so I'll go ahead and post them while I'm thinking about it.

I hope to have an actual web site built eventually (don't hold your breath), and the rest of the zines (there were only five issues, plus a few things from the unfinished issue #6) will hopefully be there soon. Or on reddit. Redditt? I don't even know what that is, or how my first issue of Tsujigiri got on there, but fine by me.

Hope Eris brings you happy tidings!    ><  

Here is (fingers crossed) the link to Tsujigiri: the zine of Orthodox Discordianism issue #2:

And here is (toes crossed) the link to Tsujigiri: the zine of Orthodox Discordianism issue #3:

Feel free to spread them about (or as the zines say, "reproduce and pass out"), but I'd prefer you keep them each together as they are (unless there is a particular article you really want to share, then just provide a link to a full issue). If you use any of my writing, please give credit (Greg Carden, Pope Emeritus & Pseudo-Sadhu Don Coyote) - as for ideas, use what you want (I would be delighted to be notified if you find something useful). And no making money off of it (I sure as heck didn't).

Tech stuff - not sure why google drive seems to try and force you to save the zines in strange PDF readers I've never heard of. I tried the links and was able to see the zines, and I chose to just download each one (the 'arrow pointing down at a horizontal line' button) and opened them in iBook (if you have a Windows, Linux, or other non Mac computer, then you likely already know what you are doing). This was on my iPad, not sure what would happen on a desktop. When I get my own site up, I will have JPG as well as PDF versions available, in case anyone is having trouble. Keep in mind, when I think "cut-and-paste" I'm still picturing exact-o knives and glue sticks, so I am not the best person to seek advice on internet matters!